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How to Stop Itchy Skin with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-01-02 23:11| Font Size A A A

Itchy skin is a troublesome problem for patients with stage 4 chronic kidney disease. It make them cannot concentrate and It is more annoying at night because it will make them wake up. How to stop itchy skin with stage 4 chronic kidney disease?

In stage 4, the kidneys cannot work at their full capacity. So there will be accumulated toxins in blood. These toxins in blood will further damage kidneys, while small amounts will be discharged through skin, forming crystal, which will stimulate the skin. This is one of the causes of itchy skin.

Kidneys also in charge of regulating electrolyte metabolism. Kidneys are severely damaged in stage 4 kidney disease. So there will be electrolyte disorder. High phosphorus level in blood is an inducement of itchy skin.

Some patients will suffer from dehydration and dry skin. This could also lead to itchy skin.

Then how to stop itchy skin?

To relieve itchy skin, you should clear the toxins out of your blood. So blood purification technic is suggested. Maybe in your mind, dialysis is the only method to purify the blood. Actually, there are more advanced technics that can help discharge the toxins out, such as immune adsorption, plasma exchange, and so on. You can consult the online doctor for detailed information about these technics. Usually, dialysis can only discharge some micro molecule toxins, and the middle and large toxins will still stay in blood, damaging the kidneys and other organs. But the advanced blood purification technics can discharge all kinds of toxins in blood.

Only clear the blood out is not enough, treatment to improve kidney function should be taken to have a thorough improvement. Once kidney function is improved, skin itchy in stage 4 chronic kidney disease will be relieved completely. The Chinese medicine will achieve that goal. If you are interested in it, you can send an email to, the kidney doctor will give you the specific treatment according to your illness condition.

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