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With Kidney Disease, Do You Have to Take Medicine for Lifelong

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With Kidney Disease, Do You Have to Take Medicine for Lifelong

Chronic kidney disease treatment is a long process. For some patients, they have to take medicine for lifelong. Then when can renal patients stop medicine? Today we will talk about it.

Under these two conditions, medicines can be stopped.

1. The indexes recover completely and there are no recurrence for a long time

Some indicators in the treatment of kidney disease are very important and are the key indicators reflecting renal function, including proteinuria, hypertension, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and so on. The lower the level of proteinuria and hypertension, the more conducive to the recovery of renal function. To maintain GFR at a high level is the key to the stability of renal function.

Because impaired kidney function cannot be reversed, albuminuria is often required to maintain below 0.5g, hypertensive should be stabilized below 130/80 for long term, and then after communicating with the doctor, it is ok to stop medicine temporarily, but the these indexes should be checked regularly.

When GFR is over 30, and kidney disease is before stage 3, drug withdrawal can be considered. If it has developed to renal failure or even uremia, stop thinking about drug withdrawal. Nothing is more important than to preserve the remaining renal function.

2. The medicine does not take effect.

Early treatment of kidney disease often involves large doses of drugs to prevent deterioration of kidney function. But from CKD stage 3, you should reduce workload of kidneys, and gradually discard redundant drugs so as to reduce the drug toxicity to the kidneys.

For example, some kidney protection drugs, such as jinshuibao, niaoduqing, etc. They do not have much effect on kidneys, so you can choose not to eat them. Of course, specific circumstances also need to consult a doctor.

With kidney disease, you do not have to take medicine for lifelong. For more information on kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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