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Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine: Which One Is Better for Kidney Disease Treatment

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Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine: Which One Is Better for Kidney Disease Treatment
The pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease is complex, and it is recognized as a refractory disease by the medical profession, and once the renal function is damaged, it is irreversible. Therefore, the ultimate goal of treatment is to delay the decline of renal function.

Whether it is western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, the ultimate goal cannot be achieved without “curative effect". It is a good method to maximize the curative effect. Of course, the premise is not to damage the kidney.

So what kind of treatment can maximize curative effect?

Traditional Chinese medicine?

Western medicine?

Or... Integrated Chinese medicine and western medicine?

The best way to sum up this is to "take the essence and discard the dross".

Being is reasonable. Since western medicine and Chinese medicine have not been abandoned with time, they must be reasonable.

The treatment of kidney disease by western medicine is a process of inhibition and replenishment.

On the one hand, immunosuppressants can slow down the excessive immune inflammatory response in the body, reduce the production and deposition of immune complexes, and avoid further kidney damage.

On the other hand, hormone drugs are given and long-term blood pressure drugs are taken to reduce the renal damage caused by hypertension.

The treatment of kidney disease by traditional Chinese medicine stresses internal and external integration.

Oral medication and external use of traditional Chinese medicine (such as acupuncture, medicine bath, foot bath, hot compress and other special treatment) decompose and remove toxins in blood, and repair the damaged part of basement membrane so as to achieve the function of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and regulating meridians.

However, western medicine and Chinese medicine are not perfect:

Western medicine,

First, the side effects of western medicine can cause anemia, hyperkalemia, hormonal obesity, femoral head necrosis, gout and other complications, so we have to fight these complications with other drugs.

Second, western treatment can only control the disease rather than prevent the deterioration of renal function. If the pathological type is more complex, the incidence of uremia will be greatly increased.

Chinese medicine,

It has develops thousands of years.

For treating kidney disease, it is necessary to find old traditional Chinese medicine doctor that has decades of treatment experience and can make decisions. It is not just a charlatan who knows several herbs to protect the kidney, which makes it more difficult for traditional Chinese medicine to treat kidney disease.

Only by combining the advantages of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine can you greatly delay the loss of renal function and avoid kidney failure and uremia.

What needs to be noted is that in the treatment process, do not blindly follow medicine. The choice of professional Chinese medicine and western medicine can be twice the result with half the effort!

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