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2 New Medicines for Kidney Disease

2018-08-13 16:57| Font Size A A A

2 New Medicines for Kidney Disease
Two new medicines for treating kidney disease were approved by FDA, which can effectively protect renal function and stabilize illness condition. In this article, we will introduce them in detail.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) treatment needs to use a variety of drugs to treat and control various symptoms so as to delay the progress of kidney disease. Some drugs can directly protect the kidney, such as blood pressure drug ACEI and ARBs. They can not only lower blood pressure, but also reduce proteinuria and protect renal function.

Kidney function impairment is irreversible, and patients are looking forward to more good medicine to protect kidney. With the development of medical technology, two more drugs have been approved by FDA in the first half of this year.

A good medicine for the treatment of PKD — Trovaptan

PKD is divided into two kinds, among which autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease occurs more among adults. About 50% of patients have hypertension, and renal insufficiency symptoms. If not treated in time, the risk of developing renal failure and even uremia is very high. Before, there was no specific medicine for the treatment of polycystic kidney, but only for the control of blood pressure, hematuria, pain and other symptoms.

Trovaptan has a good effect on slowing the acute progression of renal function caused by adult polycystic kidney, thus reducing the incidence of uremia in adult PKD patients and improving the quality of life of patients.

However, the two types of patients are not allowed to take: dialysis patients had no urine or low clearance rate of creatinine and 10 mL/min; Liver disease.

In addition, this kind of drug has diuretic effect. After taking it, you should drink water in time to avoid dehydration. Because it can counteract with some medicines, after taking it, you should do a comprehensive test of all indicators.

A good medicine for the treatment of hyperkalemia — Lokelma

Hyperkalemia is typical in the middle and late stage of nephropathy and is also one of the symptoms threatening to kidney patients. Elevated blood potassium is one of the manifestations of electrolyte metabolism disorder in the body. High blood potassium can cause arrhythmia, severe cardiac arrest, and cardiovascular disease, which is also one of the most important causes of death in patients with advanced renal disease.

In may, the U.S. FDA approved Lokelma for nonemergency treatment of adult hyperkalemia. The study found that taking Lokelma (oral suspension) within two days greatly reduced serum potassium levels to normal levels, and could continue to maintain this level within 12 days of maintenance treatment, with significant effects on stabilizing blood potassium levels.


People with gastrointestinal motility should avoid using such drugs so as to avoid severe constipation or intestinal obstruction. When used in conjunction with other drugs, Lokelma should be used before or after 2 hours of other drugs.

Hope the above two new medicines are good for your kidney disease. If you would like to know more information on CKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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