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The Most Effective Way for Kidney Patients to Prevent Relapse

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The Most Effective Way for Kidney Patients to Prevent Relapse
Does your kidney disease come back now and then? Do you want to have a permanent control of your disease? In this article, we will tell you the most effective way to prevent relapse. And it is almost suitable for all renal patients.

Colds, also known as upper respiratory tract infections, often lead to the relapse and aggravation of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Therefore, it is necessary for you to know how to prevent infections.

There are many ways to prevent infections, involving all aspects of treatment and lifestyle. One method is simple and effective: to get a cold vaccine.

There are two types of cold vaccines that kidney patients need: influenza vaccines and pneumococcal vaccines.
The Most Effective Way for Kidney Patients to Prevent Relapse

Target user:

Almost all CKD patients, including those on dialysis, after kidney transplantation, with pregnancy and so on can take it. The following 3 special patients are excluded:

1. Baby. Vaccination is not recommended for children younger than 6 months.

2. People with egg allergies, because flu vaccines are made from eggs.

3. Patients with active autoimmune kidney disease.
The Most Effective Way for Kidney Patients to Prevent Relapse

Precautions for influenza vaccination

-Generally, it is injected in the autumn so as to achieve the maximum effect during the high influenza season in winter and spring communication. After 7 months, the effect begins to weaken and the protection period is one year.

-There are two types of flu vaccines: live attenuated vaccines and inactivated vaccines. Kidney patients should take inactivated vaccines.

-Repeated vaccinations. In patients with low immunity (using immunosuppressants) and hemodialysis, a single dose of the vaccine may not be effective. Repeat vaccination if necessary.

-The hepatitis b vaccine is also recommended for kidney patients. And the above two kinds of renal patients also need to increase the vaccination times.

Now you know the most effective way for kidney patients to prevent relapse. If you would like to know more information on CKD, please leave a message below or contact online doctor. We are glad to help.

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