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Ketosteril for Kidney Disease

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Ketosteril for Kidney Disease
Ketosteril is often prescribed to kidney patients. Do you know what is it? What can it do for you? Can it reduce proteinuria or serum creatinine level? Now read on to learn more information on ketosteril for kidney disease.

This drug is one of the most commonly used drug used to improve the protein metabolism disorder caused by chronic renal insufficiency, but it requires you to follow a low protein diet, which can help prevent malnutrition. Therefore, Ketosteril does not reduce proteinuria, neither decreases serum creatinine level.

When your kidneys fail to work, a low protein diet is often suggested. It has been proved clinically that a low protein diet can effectively slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease. Because high protein intake can increase glomerular filtration rate, renal plasma flow and glomerular permeability so as to cause direct kidney damage. Restricted protein intake can block the formation of proteinuria, avoid hypertransfusion and high filtration, reduce proteinuria and delay glomerulosclerosis and kidney failure. But long-term low protein diet can affect patients’ nutritional status. Researches have shown that the incidence of malnutrition in chronic renal failure(CKF) is as high as 20-50%. Severe malnutrition is now considered an independent risk factor for CKF, and it can increase prevalence rate and mortality. Therefore, the application of ketosteril together a low protein diet can help prevent malnutrition.


1. Pay attention to the intake of protein. Too much intake can affect the effectiveness of drugs, while too little or even zero protein intake can worsen your condition as well.

2. Take Ketosteril during meal, which can help it be absorbed and converted to corresponding amino acids.

3. Take it under the instruction of doctors. Blind application may be bad for your health.

4. Monitor blood calcium level regularly and ensure enough calory intake.

5. High quality protein is recommended, because it contains a lot of essential amino acids, which can be absorbed easily. Egg, milk, meat, fish and bean protein are all such a kind of protein.

Ketosteril is good for kidney patients, but not all renal patients can take it. Besides, to achieve a better effect, you had better try a combined treatment. For more information on kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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