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Stage 3 CKD with Creatinine 4.1: Reduce Creatinine level by Yourself

2013-10-11 12:35| Font Size A A A

Creatinine 4.1 means that you have progressed into stage 3 CKD. The elevated creatinine level is often caused by the lowered GFR. The kidney function is decreased to 30%-59% if one have stage 3 CKD with creatinine 4.1. How to reduce creatinine level by yourself?

To reduce creatinine level, you should firstly make clear why creatinine level will be elevated. Creatinine is the metabolic product of muscle, a small amount of creatinine comes from meat intake. Normally, creatinine should be filtered out by glomerular, the main component of kidney. When the glomerular is damaged, the creatinine cannot be discharged and they will deposit in blood, causing high creatinine level.

So to reduce creatinine level, kidney protect is the essential thing to do. So how to protect kidney and reduce creatinine level by yourself? The followings are some suggestions.

Proper diet.

A proper diet is important for you to reduce creatinine level. First of all, protein intake should be well controlled. It is necessary to maintain the normal life, but too much protein will increase the burden of kidney because it can generate nitrogenous waste, which also should be filtered out. Animal protein is suggested because it can provide us with rich nutrition and produce less waste product, that is, vegetable protein is not advised.

Get rid of high-potassium and phosphorus food if their level is above the normal in the test report. You can consult the online doctor what kind of food is low in potassium and phosphorus.

Limit sodium and fluid can help reduce the risk of swelling, which will increase kidney damage.

Moderate exercise.

It does not mean that you should give up exercise when you have kidney disease. On the contrary, moderate exercise can keep fit and strengthen the immunity. It can prevent cold and fever and other little discomforts but risk factors to kidney health. However, you are not allowed to do intense physical activities if you have stage 3 CKD with creatinine 4.1.

Attention to smoking and drinking.

Smoking and drinking is not advised because they will speed up the progression of the disease.

The above tips are the simple things in your daily life. If you are patients with stage3 CKD with creatinine 4.1 and you want to reduce creatinine level by yourself, you must follow these steps. For more detailed information and other methods to lower creatinine level, you can send an email to, the kidney experts will give you an specific explanation.

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