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Why Your Kidney Disease Is Lingering? You Should Control the Following 3 Factors

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Why Your Kidney Disease Is lingering? You Should Control the Following 3 Factors

The lingering kidney disease troubles a number of kidney patients.

In general, the therapeutic effect of kidney disease depends on 3 factors. 1. Diagnosis; 2. Treatment; 3. Influence factors

First, let’s see diagnosis.

There are a lot of renal patients who come to the hospital with the report of renal biopsy. When requiring them to do some specialized biochemical tests, they often say that they have done renal biopsy, why they still need to do other tests. But in fact, it turns out that there are other problems besides the diagnosis of renal biopsy.

Though the kidney biopsy is the current gold standard for the diagnosis of kidney disease, but it is not a panacea. And not all the doctors in the pathology department have penetrating insight, so it is hard to avoid mistakes.

Therefore, our patients must be have a clear diagnosis. Do not spend your money on useless or even wrong treatment.

Second, treatment.

The treatment of kidney disease is a controversial issue. For example, how do steroids work better? Is it a necessary to add immunosuppressants? How far does anticoagulation go? What kind of anticoagulant is better? I’m afraid these problems are really specific to the specific problem.

Take steroid for an example, some patients may say they are steroid-resistant. But how many patients are really steroid-resistant? And how many factors affect the effect of steroids so that they do not take effect? Therefore, do not say you have tried certain medicine any more. Do you use them correctly?

Therefore, for the treatment, we should think twice, after all, it determines to live or lie. And it is related with your health, cost, therapeutic effect, or even life.

Lastly, influence factors.

There was a high blood pressure patient, whose blood pressure is always unstable. Besides medication, he restricted salt intake, but his blood sodium level was still high. At last, doctor found that there were a lot of melon seeds inside the basket and then asked the patient. The patient said he took some salty melon seeds secretly. This resulted in the failure of the treatment.

Therefore, doctor and family member should attach importance to patients’ life and develop healthy life habits. Healthy life habits are sometimes beyond the therapeutic effect of medications, especially for CKD patients.

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