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3 Golden Rules for Kidney Patients to Keep Uremia Far Away

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Please keep in mind the following 3 golden rules of protecting kidneys. The more you can do it, the farther you keep uremia away.

For patients with stage 1 or stage 2 CKD, timely detection and active treatment can increase your chance of cure. But for patients with stage 3 or advanced CKD, is there any significance to continue the treatment? Because kidney function is irreversible, it will eventually go into uremia.
3 Golden Rules for Kidney Patients to Keep Uremia Far Away

This is an issue many kidney patients think over. In fact no matter which stage you are in, you should seek treatment aggressively. If you can protect kidney function and slow down the progression of kidney disease or maintain the disease at certain stage, your living quality will be promoted greatly.

But to protect kidney function, you should strictly follow these 3 kidney protection principles.
3 Golden Rules for Kidney Patients to Keep Uremia Far Away

1. To strictly follow diet principle

We have emphasized the dietary principles for kidney disease many times, but not many people can do it consistently. And every time we post information about diet, patients usually query a lot.

“This food can not be eaten, and that food can not be eaten. Then I have to be on a hunger strike.” “What if I have malnutrition if I can not eat so many things.” “Even salt be controlled? But I often eat more salt. Less salt intake can make me feel weak.”

In fact, the purpose of controlling diet is to protect kidney function. It is not so difficult to do. Take low salt diet for an example. It requires not to take salt over 5g per day. You can gradually give up foods high in salt, such as pickles, bacon, etc, and then change the cooking methods from frying into boiling or steaming. At last you can adjust to it.

Too much salt intake is an unhealthy diet habit. Even if you do not have kidney disease, you should give up it.
3 Golden Rules for Kidney Patients to Keep Uremia Far Away

2. To monitor every indicator regularly

Do you have a clear mind of all indicators of your kidney condition? Some may say that they are not doctors, so it is no use to know them all, after all they do not know how to treat the disease.

Actually treating disease is never a doctor’s job. It requires doctors and patients to work together.

Some days ago, a patient with Membranous Nephropathy came here for treatment. he had severe swelling in whole body and massive proteinuria. I asked him why he came for treatment when the disease became to severe. He said that proteinuria 3+ was detected before. Doctor prescribed steroids, but he heard that those medications have a lot of side effects, so he did not take them. Because he did not feel any discomfort either.

This patient knew there were some problems with his kidneys, but he did not receive any treatment. If you do not know your condition well or the changes of indicators, you may not even know you get illness.

Therefore, kidney patients should check up all indicators regularly, such as proteinuria, blood pressure, creatinine, uric acid, GFR, etc. Knowing the changes of these indicators, you can receive treatment timely.
3 Golden Rules for Kidney Patients to Keep Uremia Far Away

3. To go to a standard hospital for treatment

Kidney disease is not only difficult to treat, but also relapses easily, which usually make patients feel helpless. When some people say that certain medications can decrease proteinuria, you may get into a scam. I think you should have the ability to identify it.

During the treatment, you should go to a standard hospital to receive treatment. Do not try folk remedies. Only when you strictly take medications and eat according to the instruction of doctors can you have a great chance to get well. Once the disease gets controlled timely, the possibility to go into uremia will be very low.

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