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Kidney Patients Cannot Eat Medicines for Kidney Disease

2018-04-17 15:03| Font Size A A A

Many kidney patients asked me: “I have kidney disease, why my doctor always prescribes medicines for cardiovascular disease, such as anti-hypertensive medicine, lipid-lowering medicine, antiplatelet medicine, etc. Why my kidney disease is treated by medicines for cardiovascular disease?” some renal patients even sent me the instruction of medicine to prove what he said.

In fact, it is right for kidney patients not to eat medicines for kidney disease.
Kidney Patients Cannot Eat Medicines for Kidney Disease

Even without seeing the potatoes that patient sent to me, I know the medications they take are for cardiovascular disease. Because so far there are no medicines for kidney disease.

Why there are no medicines for kidney disease?

Because kidney damage usually results from two causes. One is immune injury, the other one is metabolism injury.

1. Immune injury is that there is something wrong with your immune system, so immunosuppressants are needed to treat it, such as steroids, tacrolimus (prograf), cytoxan, CsA, Cellcept, etc.

2. Metabolism injury refers to kidney damage caused by high blood pressure, high blood sugar level, high blood cholesterol level, environment pollution, renal toxicity medicine, etc. It requires medicines for cardiovascular diseases for treatment.

For most renal patients, they mainly take the above two types of medicines.

Kidney Patients Cannot Eat Medicines for Kidney Disease
As we all know, kidney disease is classified into two types, namely primary kidney disease and secondary kidney disease. It is to understand secondary kidney disease. Lupus, Purpura, gout and so on can all cause kidney disease. They are the root cause of kidney disease.

Then what is primary kidney disease. It is also easy to understand. That is disease that can not find out the pathogenesis.

No matter which kind of chronic kidney disease (CKD) do you have, there is pathogenesis. Medicines are to treat the pathogenesis. If the pathogenesis is not at kidneys, medicines are of course not for kidneys.

Do not use medicines for kidney disease blindly in case of further kidney damage.
Kidney Patients Cannot Eat Medicines for Kidney Disease

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