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Chinese Taiji Helps CKD Patients Treat Weakness

2016-02-19 11:49| Font Size A A A

Chinese Taiji Helps CKD Patients Treat WeaknessWeakness or tiredness is a quite a common complain for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. And patients try to do various treatments for relieving the symptom. Today, we will show you an unique therapy which has been widely used in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, namely Taiji.

What is Taiji?

Taiji, also known as Tai Chi Chuan, is one of traditional Chinese martial art based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang and today is practiced as a graceful form of exercise. It involves a series of movements performed slowly and accompanied by deep breathing.

Well then, how does Tai Chi Chuan relieve weakness for CKD patients?

1. It can improve renal function

The very root cause of weakness in chronic kidney disease is due to decreased renal function. Damaged kidneys are unable to produce enough EPO, thus leading to anemia and weakness. Doing Taiji regularly can help set up a good internal body environment which will lay a solid foundation for kidney function recovery. Combing with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the curative effects will be more obvious!

2. It can promote blood circulation

In such a conditions, patients will get enough oxygen for all cells’ to function. When your body get enough blood and oxygen, then, weakness or tiredness will be relieved.

3. It can regulate the immune system

After patients immunity is strengthened, weakness or tiredness will disappear gradually!

In additional to above, Taiji also can help kidney disease patients deal with the following conditions:

1. High Blood Pressure: based on our studies, Taiji is able to lower blood pressure with reducing from 3-32 mm Hg in systolic pressure and from 2 to 18 mm Hg in diastolic pressure.

2. Sleep problems: after practicing a period of Tai Chi Chuan, your quality and duration of sleep will be improved significantly!


Not all kidney disease patients can do Taiji exercise freely! Because patients need to have a good physical status firstly and receive professional medical treatments. Any questions, please do feel free to contact our Online Doctor or email to us at and we are glad to help you!

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