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Alternative Medical Care for Stage 3 CKD Due to Hypertension

2016-01-14 10:05| Font Size A A A

Alternative Medical Care for Stage 3 CKD Due to Hypertension What are the alternative medical care for Stage 3 CKD due to hypertension? When diagnosed with the disease, most patients can not helping concerning the remedies or treatments. Today, you will find the natural and effective treatments here!

It is well known that hypertension or High Blood Pressure is one of leading causes of Chronic Kidney Disease. According to statistics, up to 75% of CKD patients have blood pressure levels >140/90mm Hg, which is more than 10 mm Hg above the current treatment target. High blood pressure is associated with accelerated progression of kidney disease as well as development and worsening of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the medical care not only aims at protecting renal function, but also controlling hypertension effectively. Well then, how to do?

The Pro. John who from Beijing Tongshantang Hospital give the following suggestions:

1. Correct medications

ACEIs and ARBs inhibit the renin-angiotensin aldosterone system (RRSA), reducing blood pressure and decreasing proteinuria. A right dosage of these 2 classes of drugs are more effective at reducing proteinuria and appear to be more effective at slowing progression of CKD.

2. Healthy Diet and lifestyles

In order to control blood pressure for renal disease patients, it is important to have balanced eating plan, such as low-salt diet, low-protein diet, low-phosphorus diet, high-vitamins foods, and low-fat food and so on. In addition, it is of great importance to develop good habits in daily life, such as avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol, staying up, etc. In order to strengthen immune system, patients are suggested to do moderate exercise like walking, Taichi, Qigong, and so on.

3. Receive timely treatments

Medical treatment plays a critical role in stopping progression of illness condition. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is worth trying. It is an external application of Chinese herbal medicine used on bilateral kidney areas (Shenshu acupoints). With osmosis device and penetrant liquids, the effective ingredients can permeate into kidney lesions directly. They have the function of expanding blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrixes, thus increasing the whole blood circulation. Therefore, kidney tissues can get enough blood volume and oxygen to work adequately. As long as kidneys can wok normally, patients can live more healthy and happier.

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