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Treatments for CKD: Creatinine 12, Urea 108 and Potassium 6.5

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Treatments for CKD: Creatinine 12, Urea 108 and Potassium 6.5“I need treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease. My newest test report shows: creatinine 12, urea 108 and potassium 6.5. What treatments can you recommend to me?” I get the question from our email box: Here, we consult the kidney expert who comes from Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, getting the available treatments.

High creatinine level, high urea level and high potassium levels are common symptoms for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. If a person suffer from creatinine level 12, urea 106 and potassium 6.5 at the same time, then, it is no doubt that he has entered into end stage renal disease (ESRD),or Kidney Failure.

Common treatments in western countries:

Dialysis is often used for patients reducing high creatinine level, urea level and potassium level. By filtering blood, much wastes and toxins can be removed out of the body. This is helpful in relieving various poisoning symptoms and patients’ life quality also can be improved to some extent. However, patients have to notice that dialysis is not an ideal treatment to treat kidney disease, because it cannot improve renal function from the root. Therefore, try to find out alternative treatments before you need dialysis.

Unique therapies in China:

In order to help more kidney disease patients avoid dialysis, Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital provides patients series of advanced treatments that based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you can come to China for treatments, please attach your test reports to our email box or send them on Whatsapp/Viber +8615512139310. We will provide individualized treatment plan.

Blood Purification

It is the most advanced therapy in the world. Blood purification not only can eliminate small size of toxins, but also big size of toxins and waste products. It is a systemic treatment methods including hepofiltration, hemiperfusion, Immune Adsorption, Plasma Exchange. With help of blood purification, poisoned blood can be cleared up. Naturally, creatinine level, urea level and potassium level can be reduced from the root.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Another main-stream treatment is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. On the basis of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, dilating blood vessels and expelling immune complexes, the activate ingredients in Chinese Medicine can come to damaged kidney tissues directly with the help of osmosis machine. In this way, damaged kidney can be repaired and patients’ kidney function can work again. As a result, as long as kidney function can be improved,  related symptoms can be releived gradually.

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