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Stage 3 Kidney Disease with Creatinine 4.43 and Edema

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Kidney function gradually loses with the progression of kidney disease. Patients with stage 3 kidney disease moderately lose kidney function. In stage 3, some symptoms are obvious. Creatinine 4.43 and edema are the signs of stage 3 kidney disease. Why would these symptoms appear and what should be done with stage 3 kidney disease with creatinine 4.43 and edema.

The causes and treatment for stage 3 kidney disease with creatinine 4.43.

Kidney functions as a blood cleaner, especially the glomerular. The metabolic waste and toxins in our body will be filtered by the glomerular. Creatinine is the muscles metabolism. If the glomerular membrane basement is damaged, these metabolism cannot be discharged, including creatinine. So it will accumulate in the blood.

One method to lower creatinine 4.43 is to eat less meat and don’t do intense exercise. But the basic method is to repair the glomerular membrane basement. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is suggested. It is a curative treatment which is externally used. The Chinese herb is the core of the therapy. It has a good effect on dilating blood vessel, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. Through these effects, the glomerular membrane basement can be repaired and creatinine 4.43 will be lowered.

The causes and treatment for stage 3 kidney disease with edema.

Edema is one of the obvious symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease. Glomerular also filtrate the extra water. Once the glomerular is damaged, the extra water will hold-up in the blood thus cause edema. Another reason is that protein will be leaked out and the plasma protein level decreases and plasma osmotic pressure is reduced. The fluid will permeate into the tissue space, leading to edema.

Eat less sodium will alleviate edema because too much sodium will cause water-sodium retention. Fluid intake should also be controlled.

The method that mentioned above--- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is also effective in curing edema. It can repair the damaged kidney lesions and improve kidney function. Once kidney function is improved, edema will disappear naturally.

Patients with stage 3 kidney disease with creatinine 4.43 and edema should take suitable treatment because at this stage, with proper treatment the illness can be reversed. You can leave a message below, the kidney doctor will reply in detail.

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