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How Can I Treat Renal Parenchymal Disease

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How Can I Treat Renal Parenchymal DiseaseHow can I treat renal parenchymal disease? The question are frequently asked by patients and their family members. However, few people what on earth it means, and what are the available treatment for the disease. Now, please follow me to find out more information.

The causes of renal parenchymal disease.

Renal parenchymal disease includes maladies that damage the outermost internal region of the kidney where filtration and urine formation occur. In clinic, renal parenchymal disease occurs as a consequence of ischemia and anoxia. Many autoimmune disorders, medical conditions or obstructions contribute to this disease like Lupus, Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney Stone, PKD, kidney stone, kidney infection and so on.

To treat the disease from the root, what we should do is to find out the underlying cause of kidney damage. If you have trouble in dealing with your current conditions, you can get the professional help from our Online Experts who from Beijing Tongshantang Hospital. Or you can attach your test reports to our email address: and we are glad to help you.

The treatment for patients with renal parenchymal disease.

Diet Therapy: There are many aspects should be considered by patients with kidney disease, such as the intake of protein, sodium, calcium,calory, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin, etc. Due to different illness condition, it is necessary to find help from a dietitian.

Blood Pollution Therapy: On the one hand, the western medical technolohies to control patient’s condition, mainly using blood purification technologies to remove wastes and inflammatory factors from the body. On the other hand, the active ingredients of the Chinese medicine will be supplied to patients. Chinese medicine has obvious effect in activating blood circulation and removing out blood stasis, which can help repairing patient’s damaged kidney structure. What’s more the conditions like ischemia and anoxia also can get well improvement.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: The therapy also has many obvious effects in treating kidney disease, like anti-inflammation, anticoagulation, expanding blood vessels, etc. And these benefits can help make a well internal circumstance in kidney, which can help repairing patient’s damaged nephrons.

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