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Hormones Do Harm to Kidney Disease Patients

2015-07-05 10:16| Font Size A A A

Hormones Do Harm to Kidney Disease PatientsMost kidney disease patients are familiar with hormones because it is a common “treatment” in many hospitals. However, hormones are not the “savior” of kidney disease patients, in turn, they are the potential “devil”!

Actually, long-term use of hormones can induce a series of side effects, including: water-sodium retention, hypertension, diabetes, swelling, muscle atrophy, a puffy and rounded 'moon face', ulcer and so on. Especially, glucocorticoid is the widely used for treating kidney disease. As a matter of fact, it also has countless adverse effects and makes patients suffer a lot.

With so many side effects, then, how does it work for kidney disease?

Unfortunately, hormones do little to treat kidney disease directly, they just have the function of inhibition. Kidney disease is caused by the accumulation of immune complexes in the kidney. These depositions will trigger the immune inflammation and ischemia & anoxic condition, causing death or hardening of kidney cells.

Well then, what are the hormones’ functions?- To inhibit the immune reactions, namely anti-inflammation. Therefore, if kidney damage is caused by the inflammation, hormones treatment can be helpful to some extent, but for other causes, hormones will fail. What’s more, even though inflammation cause kidney damage, hormone treatment cannot be as the permanent treatment, because it fails to remove immune complexes from the root. More serious, using hormones to inhibit the symptoms will worse illness condition. Eventually, the condition also may develop into Kidney Failure.

Aside from the treatment, what else can we do?

Clearing immune complex from the root is the most key step. Then, how?

1. Hot Compress Therapy-improve kidney blood micro-circulation. It can not only remove wastes but also can repair damaged nephrones.

2. Foot Bath--it can improve kidney’s environment. And it can promote the sweating and increase urine output, thus removing extra wastes and toxins from the blood.

3. Chinese medicine soup-help ease the side effects of western medicines.

4. Maikang Mixture--it is a kind of Chinese patent medicines which are used for strengthening immune system and preventing recurrence of disease

5. On the basis of these treatments, the doctor will elect the treatments like Medicated Bath, Steam Therapy, Innuction Therapy, Enema Therapy, Acupuncture according to your illness condition. All of these treatments are called “Clean up the blood toxin therapy”

All in all, purifying blood is the first step, then, cooperating with hormones, the curative effect can reaches the success.

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