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What Are the Precaution to Be Taken with Renal Parenchymal Disease

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What Are the Precaution to Be Taken with Renal Parenchymal DiseaseThere are millions of nephrons lie within the renal parenchymal area of each kidney. Parenchymal refers to the location of the disease-the kidneys. Renal parenchymal disease causes scarring and kidneys lose their function whenever scar tissue forms. Left untreated, it will develop into Kidney Failure eventually. Well then, what are the precaution to be taken?

Renal parenchymal disease includes maladies that damage the outermost internal region of the kidney where filtration and urine formation occur. Treatment for parenchymal kidney disease seeks to remove excess salt, water and harmful substances from the bloodstream. Generally speaking, patients learn to manage their kidney disease by restricting their intake of salt, potassium, and protein; treating their blood pressure; managing their diabetes, and taking erythropoiethin (EPO), a hormone that helps bone marrow to produce healthy blood cells.

Low-salt diet

Having a low-salt diet can help relieve swelling and reduce high blood pressure. It is important to reduce the daily intake of salt.

Low-protein intake

For the damaged kidneys, eating too much protein will be the huge burden, worsening illness condition. However, long-term low protein intake may trigger some side effects like malnutrition. Therefore, low-protein but high-quality protein should be recommended to patients.

Healthy lifestyles

It is important to have healthy lifestyles so as to enhance the whole body health. If you are smoker, please quit; if you are a drinker, please give up; if you often stay up, please have a good rest.

In addition to the mentioned above, medical treatment also should be applied ASAP.

Blood Purification is another important aspect in treating renal parenchymal disease, which can help remove metabolic wastes and toxins in patient’s body. Some blood purification technologies are often used, like plasma exchange, blood perfusion, dialysis, etc. In fact, dialysis is the most common way to prolong patients’ lifetime when they are in the late stage of kidney disease. Besides, kidney transplant is another important choice for patients with no-functioning kidneys. To know more detailed info, please talk with our Online Doctor or email to and we will do our best to help you.

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