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Is There Any Medication to Prevent Further Deterioration of Stage 3 CKD

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How is Creatinine Level indicative of Kidney pro0blemsStage 3 CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) is one of critical periods which needs to take immediate and effective treatment, so as to timely control the progression of illness condition. Well then, is there any medication to prevent further deterioration of Stage 3 CKD?

How dangerous is stage 3 chronic kidney disease?

A person with Stage 3 CKD means that kidneys have been damaged moderately, and many wastes and toxins as well as extra fluids cannot be filtered adequately. As a result, there harmful substances accumulate inside the boy can release into bloodstream. Once they are carried to other parts of the body, they can attack many organs and systems, resulting in various problems. What’s more, if these problems cannot be controlled, in return, they will damage the kidneys. In stage 3 a person is more likely to develop complications of kidney disease such as high blood pressure, anemia, fatigue, nausea, swelling and/or early bone disease.

Well then, is there any medication to prevent further deterioration of Stage 3 CKD?

To be honest, stage 3 kidney disease is irreversible, it can be well treated to avoid dialysis or kidney transplant. In order to protect kidney from further damage, we do suggest you take Chinese herbal medicines rather than signal western medications.

In our Treatment center point, we do also use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair kidney damage and recover renal function. The treatment is an external application of Chinese herbal medicines and under the help of osmosis device, the active ingredients can permeate into kidney lesions directly.

Maikang Mixture--it is a kind of Chinese patent medicines which refers to oral liquid for kidney failure patients. Actually, it is used to dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation during the treatment of kidney disease.

Foot Bath--In order to guarantee the curative effects, we do mainly use “Decoct Medicines”, which can help warm meridians, expel cold as well as invigorate blood and dredge collaterals.

As long as you insist taking these systemic treatments, your illness condition can be well improved. Wanna more details, please do feel free to contact our Online Doctor or email to

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