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How to Improve 16% Kidney Function for Stage 4 CKD

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How to Improve 16% Kidney Function for Stage 4 CKDStage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease is one vital stage of kidney disease. 16% kidney function indicates stage 4 kidney disease. If uncontrolled effectively, it will aggravate into end stage renal disease quickly. On contrary, patients can reverse their kidney damage effectively.

When patients’ kidney function declines to 16%, it means they still have a part of healthy kidney cells. In this case, patients should take some therapies to protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues and rescue damaged kidney cells. As long as these cells work normally, patients don’t need to worry about their kidney condition any more.

Here, we would like to recommend the following treatments that can help improve patients’ kidney function and prevent kidney failure effectively.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

If patients’ kidney problem is due to renal ischemia and anoxia condition, patients can try this therapy. It can expand blood vessels and increase the blood flow into kidneys. Besides, it can also help prompt the self-curative ability of impaired kidney cells. Finally, patients’ kidney function level increases successfully.

- Immunotherapy

If patients’ Stage 4 CKD is due to immune disorder, patients are suggested to use this therapy. This is because Immunotherapy focuses on regulating immune system and reversing kidney damage from the root. Check your illness condition to determine whether Immunotherapy is suitable for you.

- Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is applied to rebuild kidney structure through renal regeneration and replacing damaged kidney cells. This therapy is recommended, if patients’ illness condition is severe.

Different patients need to take different therapies. To determine which therapy is best for you, you can consult the doctor online in detail. Then, you can get a satisfying answer for the first time.

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