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Does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Work for kidney disease

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Kidney, as an important organ of our body , plays an important role in keeping balance between the internal environment and the external environment. Kidney disease is an intractable disease that matters the overall health. It is a progressive disease and the prevention of the disease is difficult. A lot of practices have proved that the cure rate of kidney disease is very low. Is there any treatment that are helpful to cure kidney disease? In recent years, a new Chinese therapy---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has attracted much attention.

What are the functions of kidney?

Kidney is a filtering organ that help clean the blood. The functions of kidney are as follow.

Producing urine.

Filtering the metabolic wastes and toxins via glomerular filtration membrane.

Keeping fluid and other useful substances like glucose, protein, amino acid, sodium ion, potassium ion and sodium bicarbonate,etc through the reabsorption function of renal tubules to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance and acid-base balance.

Kidney also has the secretion function, secreting renin, EPO(related to anemia), active vitamin D3 and plasmakinin,etc.

How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy work?

The traditional treatment for kidney disease is to alleviate the symptoms like proteinuria, high blood pressure, anemia, swelling and so on. With the condition worsens, dialysis and kidney transplant are taken into consideration. These treatments can not deal with the root causes of kidney disease and cannot improve kidney function.

The innovative therapy---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is different from those treatments. It aims at improving kidney function by repairing kidney lesions and rebuilding kidney structure. It is externally used on the kidney location on the lower back. The finely shattered Chinese herbs are the core of this therapy. It is personalized according to the different conditions of the disease. Through an osmosis device, the herbs can permeate into the kidney lesions with the circulation of the blood. The active ingredients will take effect directly on the impaired kidney inherent cells. The great advantage of this therapy is that it is a natural therapy and with no side-effects.

Through such mechanisms as dilating blood pressure, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix, it can achieve the goal of improving kidney function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy works well for kidney disease. If you are bothered by kidney disease now, you should try this therapy! For more information about it, you can contact with the online doctor freely or send an email to, the kidney expect will help you solve your problem.

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