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Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease

2013-10-01 09:24| Font Size A A A

Medicated Bath for kidney diseaseKidney Disease is a widespread disease in the world. At present, there is no curative method for kidney disease, especially in western countries. The most common method used in western countries is the immunosuppressive agents at the first stage, if the disease become serious, dialysis and kidney transplant is adopted. At this point, I had to say that the Chinese medicine takes a great advantage in curing kidney disease. Here I will introduce one of the Chinese medicines to you---Medicated Bath.

What is medicated bath?

Chinese medicine has a long history for thousands of years. Medicated bath is a characteristic therapy in Chinese medicine. As its name refers, it is an externally applied therapy. The core of this therapy is the personalized Chinese herbs, which is added to the medicated fluid. Before the bath, the doctor will give you a ultrasonic detection to manage the kidney range. Then you are soaked in the medicated fluid for about 40 minutes. It can achieve the goal of curing kidney disease through taking a bath. For more information about what the medicated bath is, please contact the online doctors.

The modern mechanism of medicated bath

Medicated bath take advantage of our skins. The followings are the mechanisms.

² The respiratory function of the skin.

As we all know that the skin can breathe through the pores and absorb oxygen directly from the air and discharge carbon dioxide out of our body. This function enables the skin regulating then acid-base environment of our body and increase the blood oxygen content, and reduce the state of ischemia-hypoxia in the kidney.

² The osmosis function of the skin.

The skin is not absolute impermeable. It can absorb the macromolecular and water soluble substance and nutrient substance through the function of osmosis. The active ingredients of the herbs can be permeated into kidney lesions.

² The excretion function of the skin.

The skin can excrete the extra water and toxins through the pores. The toxins that buildup in the blood like urea, lactic acid and fatty acid can be removed through skin.

The medicated bath is safe and convenient and with no side-effect. Through the bath, it can promote the blood circulation of the whole body and discharge the toxins and excessive fluid out of our body, thus improve the kidney function. Medicated bath has been proved effective in curing kidney disease. If you are interested in this natural therapy, you can leave a message below. Our kidney expert will reply as soon as possible!

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