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Natural Therapies for Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

2013-10-01 09:27| Font Size A A A

Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease is a crucial stage for patients, at which kidney function is moderately damaged. As we all know that chronic kidney disease is progressive. With unproper treatment, the disease will continuously worsens. If it goes into stage 4 with kidney function greatly declines, condition will be more complex. Proper method is important to reverse the illness. There are the natural therapies for stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

Chinese herbal medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine aims at repairing kidney lesions and protecting the residual kidney cells. Compared with the common methods, such as steroids and immunosuppressive agents, which can only control the symptoms of kidney disease, Chinese herbal medicine focuses on improving kidney function and prolonging patients’ life span. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is a new Chinese herbal medicine based on the traditional one. It is an externally used therapy, which has no side-effect on patients. It is welcomed by most patients with kidney disease for it is convenient and comfortable while taking it.

Medicated bath

Medicated bath is also an externally used natural therapy for patients with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. It make use of the respiratory function, osmosis and excretion function of the skin, take it as a dialysis membrane, and discharge the wastes and toxins and extra water through sweat. Through medicated bath, the symptoms of kidney disease can be obviously eased, especially fatigue, swelling, and poor appetite. This natural therapy is safe, and cost less,and has no side-effect. By taking a bath, it can achieve the goal of curing disease.


Diet is also a natural therapy for patients with kidney disease. Proper diet can help slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease and keep an overall health. You are suggested to consult a dietitian for a healthy diet based on your illness condition.

These are the natural therapies for stage 3 chronic kidney disease. If you have any interest, you can consult the online doctor or leave a message below!

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