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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy of CKD

2013-09-21 15:57| Font Size A A A

If a patient was diagnosed with CKD, doctors would often suggest doing dialysis or kidney transplant. These two methods can alleviate the symptoms and reduce patient pain to a certain extent. However, some people refuse these two therapies for their side effects. In this case, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy of CKD stands out from these therapies.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an advanced natural therapy which is based on Chinese Herbal Medicine. It is an external application, so it avoids the bitter taste of traditional herbal remedy successfully. Also, it takes effects to repair kidney damages and improve kidney function quickly.

Outstanding advantages of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy:

1. More ways, such as skin, blood and meridians to permeate the herbal ingredients into the lesions.

2. Stronger permeability. The medicine is divided into very small particles which are easy to penetrate hinder into lesions. According to the determination, 95% of the effective drugs can reach to lesions directly.

3. No toxic side effects. Instead of getting through intestines, stomach and liver, drugs enter the lesions directly to avoid renal damage and drug adverse reactions such as nausea, vomiting and anorexia.

4. High Solubility. After be divided into particles, the molecule of special Chinese medicine will form new active molecules. With the help of permeameter (special instrument for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy), effective composition of herbs be absorbed quickly.

Characteristics above show that the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can improve renal function and immunity fundamentally. Therefore, we suggest the patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), unless in hormone progress of kidney disease, put Chinese medicine as your first choice.

TCM experts can make a customized herbal formula of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy according to patients’ own condition. If you are interested in this therapy, please leave a message below and you will get a reply or the herbal formula based on your condition.

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