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Foot Bath with Herbal Medicine for Kidney Health

2014-09-26 15:03| Font Size A A A

Foot Bath with Herbal Medicine for Kidney HealthNowadays, with the improvement of living conditions, more and more people pay special attention to the regimen, especially in the diet. In addition, many people also have the good habit of foot bath. Well then, how does Foot Bath work for kidney disease?

Nephrologist in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China point out that it is well know that foot bath is good for human’s health, but most people still don’t know that it has the different effects if you have foot bath in the different times. Experts suggest the therapeutic effect is the best when you have foot bath at nine P.M if you want to protect and strengthen your kidneys. Because this period the kidney’s qi and blood are weak. At this time, soaking foot can increase the body’s heat, then the blood vessels can be dilated. In this way, the blood in the body can be activated and blood circulation can be promoted. And the nerves can also relax and fatigue can be removed.

What are the benefits of Foot Bath with herbal medicine?

In your foot bath liquid, you can add into several herbal medicine such as salvia miltiorrhiza, Angelica, Forsythia, chrysanthemum and so on. These medicine can lay a solid foundation for protecting kidney health. Foot Bath with Chinese medicine is to decoct medicines that can discharge and blend them into medicinal soup, then to let patient’ feet enter into the soup to bath fully in sufficient time, which can make ingredients in medicines immerse into body striae, enter into meridians and viscera, open pores and bladder, and discharge toxic pathogen in meridians and viscera through sweat and urine. In this case, the good internal environment of the body can be guaranteed and kidney cells’ self-handling ability can recovery.

The above all is the general introduction of the benefits of foot bath with herbal medicine. If you have any follow-up questions, please talk with our doctors online or email to and we are glad to help you.

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