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Age 84 with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3: What Can They Do

2014-09-02 20:20| Font Size A A A

Age 84 with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3: What Can They DoChronic kidney disease is a progressive disease and there is no cure to treat, but we can do is to take necessary measures to stop at least delay the progression of illness condition. Of course, it is same to patients who are 84 years old with CKD Stage 3.

Frankly speaking, age is one of factors which can affect the prognosis of kidney disease. CKD stage 3 indicates that kidneys are damaged moderately. What’s more, chronic kidney disease is a common among the elderly due to the weak immune system and aging organs and so on. The elderly are particularly susceptible to kidney damage from age-related declines in glomerular filtration as well as kidney damage from chronic disease states such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, glomerular, and tubulointerstitial disorders. A significant number of elderly individuals are reaching end-stage renal disease that require renal replacement therapy. In other words, dialysis or kidney transplant may be needed.

But the fact is that no one is willing to undergo dialysis because of its numerous side effects. In order to overcome the shortcomings, we prefer recommending Chinese medical therapy to you.

This therapy includes the following treatments which can make a reference to you.

Enema therapy

Enema therapy is also called the rectal administration method. It is the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine. On the basis of traditional rectal administration methods, this therapy combines modern technology with traditional Chinese medicine to develope a kind of unique therapy for treating renal diseases. Enema therapy is composed by raw rhubarb, dandelion, raw oysters, gun aconite root, rhizoma and costus root. With these special Chinese medical herbs, patients kidny function can be improved to large extent.

Hot Compress Therapy

It is an advanced natural therapy based on the Traditional Chinese herbs. Different from the traditional one, it is used externally. An osmosis device is applied to permeate the finely-shattered herbs into kidney tissues. The active ingredients will take effect on kidney tissues directly.

As a matter of fact, as long as kidney function can be improved, the health condition will also get well improved accordingly. 84 years old kidney disease patients also can live a better life after taking these treatment. More details, welcome to contact our doctors online directly, or you can email to

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