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Stem Cell Therapy for End Stage Renal Disease

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Stem Cell Therapy for End Stage Renal DiseaseWhat is the stem cell therapy? How does it treat kidney disease? Here we will provide related info to you. If you are going to undergo dialysis or kidney transplant, you may can avoid them and try this therapy--Stem Cell Therapy.

End stage renal disease, just as its name, it is the last stage of kidney disease and it is life-threatening and often cause fatal complications, like cardiovascular disease. At our Treatment center point, it is widely used in clinic and has achieved great success. It is an advanced medical therapy which transplants healthy stem cell into the patients’ body, thus achieving the goals of repairing the injured or necrotic cells and rebuilding the cells and tissues’s normal function. It can give the new life the body and can treat disease from the root.

Our body consists of various functional cells and our metabolism are conducted by thses cells. When these cells get damaged due to various reasons, our body can present problems. Stem cells are special kinds of cells and they exist in any part of our body. When our body get injured, these stem cells can differentiate into new cells to repair the damage ones.

Kidney is an bean-shaped organ that works through a group of kidney intrinsic cells like glomerular epithelial cell, glomerular endothelial cell renal tubular cell and so on. They play different role while kidneys are working. For end stage renal disease patients, since their kidneys get severe damage, large part of renal function has been lost, namely almost all of the kidney cells are dead. Patients can cultivate some stem cells and then transfuse them into their body. With their special properties, stem cells directly go to kidney damage where they grow into corresponding cells to replace the dead one to work. In this way, kidney function can be improved successfully.

This therapy aims to treat failed kidney which is the real cause for ESRD patients to experience various physical discomforts. If you have no idea about how to deal with your condition with ESRD, please contact our doctors online, or email to and you will get professional guidance. Best wishes for you!

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