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What Can You Do to Reverse Stage 2 Kidney Disease

2014-06-27 20:46| Font Size A A A
 What Can You Do to Reverse Stage 2 Kidney DiseaseAs we all know, there is no cure for Chronic Kidney Disease at present, but it is possible to reverse stage 2 kidney disease by effective and timely treatment. Then, what can you do? Please read on and find more info.

Stage 2 kidney disease is the kidney damage with slight GFR decline of 60-90ml/min. And it is still in the early stage of renal disease, and a large part of kidney cells in this stage are still goos and only some are slightly damaged but not necrotic. Some patients have no obvious symptoms in clinical, so it is easily ignored by patients which may lead o severe consequence, while some patients may suffer high blood pressure, proteinuria, bloody urine and so on. If left untreated, these symptoms also will worsen the illness condition.

Make a healthy diet according to your illness condition.

Honest speaking, a healthy diet can help slow down the progression of kidney disease to a large extent. There are several tips you should pay attentin to.

1. low amount but high-quality protein intake.

2. Limit intake of sodium.

3. Follow a low-potassium and phosphorus diet.

4. Make sure enough supplement of vitamins.

Western medicines

In order to control and inhibit related symptoms, Western medicines are usually used, such as immunosuppressant, hormone, cytotoxic drugs, etc. These medicines are good at eliminating the clinical symptoms like blood pressure, hematuria, proteinuria and so on. Nevertheless, they only treat these symptoms instead of solving the root cause. Therefore, it is likely to cause relapse of illness condition.

Chinese medications

How about Chinese medications? Fortunately, our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is widely used to manage various kidney disease. It makes full use of active ingredient of Chinese herbs to repair kidney damage and protect kidney function. In the process of treatment, your doctor will prescribe some certain Western medications to consolidate therapeutic effects. Thus you can get a well recovery after a period of treatment. Besides, it has won good fame from patients who come from different countries.

At our center point, other therapies like Medicated Bath, Blood Pollution Therapy and Immunotherapy also have great therapeutic effectives. All in all, the earlier the treatment is taken, the more hope will be. If you are interested in these therapies, please let us know by leaving a message below or emailing us to

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