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Tips for Itchy Skin Caused by Chronic Kidney Disease

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Tips for Itchy Skin Caused by Chronic Kidney DiseaseAmong all the manifestations of chronic kidney disease, itchy skin maybe the most troublesome one. Patients with chronic kidney disease who are suffering from itchy skin would stay up all night to scratch. Many patients are striving for looking for methods to cure this symptom. Here are some tips for itchy skin caused by chronic kidney disease.

As we all know, kidneys act as a blood cleaner, which can filtrate the metabolic waste and excessive fluid from our body. Besides, it also paly an important role in maintaining electrolyte balance. Your kidneys are damaged since you get a chronic kidney disease and it can not work well on these functions. The building up of the waste product and toxins will lead to itchy skin. With the following tips, the bothersome symptom can be alleviated.

Limit protein intake Too much protein intake will increase the metabolic wastes of nitrogen in the blood, and the failed kidney can not discharge these wastes out of our body. Excessive nitrogenous substance will cause itchy skin. Thereby, you are suggested to take some low protein food or high quality protein food like eggs,milk and meat to lower the burden of kidneys.

Limit calcium and phosphorus intake With the losing of the kidney function to keep electrolyte balance, overmuch calcium and phosphorus in blood will increase itchy skin. You’d better avoid some food rich in calcium and phosphorus.

Dialysis Dialysis can help kidneys remove the accumulated wastes and toxins in blood, thus remit the feeling of itching. But it is not a long-term plan for it can not rebuild kidney structure.

Medicated bath Medicated bath includes soda bath and peppermint bath, which can help you remit the afflictive feeling. This method is popular with patients because it is comfortable and convenient. You can achieve the goal of cure the condition while taking a bath. For detailed information of medicated bath, you can send us an e-mail to If you have skin injury, you are not suggest to use this method.

Improve kidneys function The root reason why you have the feeling of itch is that you are suffering kidney dysfunction. So if you want to cure itchy skin completely, you should focus on the cure of kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is effective in rebuilding kidney structure and repairing kidney lesions. If you are interested in this therapy, please leave a message below. We are glad to help you!

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