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What Home Remedies Can Help Reduce Protien in Urine

2014-06-11 01:45| Font Size A A A

What Home Remedies Can Help Reduce Protien in UrineHome remedy can be a great help for patients to improve their condition. While CKD patients often have high protein in urine, well then, what home remedies can help patients reduce their protein in urine?

Chronic kidney disease is a dangerous disease, because it can cause many complicated health problems. For patients with CKD, it is common for them to have protein in urine, which is also known as proteinuriua. This is a dangerous problem, because it can aggravate patient’s kidney damage greatly if it has not been well controlled. Thereby, it is important for patients to take measures to deal with this problem. In fact, some home remedies are very helpful for patients to control and relieve their urine protein.

1. Diet treatment:

It is important for patients to regulate their diet to protect their health and improve their condotion. When patients have proteinuria, much protein will leak out through patient’s urine, and it is necessary for patients to increase their protein loss to protect their body health.

On the other hand, patients should also regulate other aspects of their diet to protect their remaining kidney function and improve their overall condition. For example, it is important for patients to pay attention to the intake of protein, calory, sodium, etc, which affect patient’s kidney function directly.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy:

Proteinuria is caused by the damage in kidney, and it is necessary to repair patient’s damaged kidney structure to reduce urine protein. To reach this purpose, chinese medicine will be a good choice, which can promote patient’s self-repairing ability by treating disease systemically. Besides, this therapy can transport the ingredients of Chinese medicine into the diseased area directly, which can promote its effect obviously. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can also provide many benefits in treating disease, like expanding blood vessels, anti-inflammation, degrading extracellular matrix, etc, which cam help make a well internal circumstance, and that is very beneficial to repair patient’s damaged kidney structure.

These home remedies are very helpful for patients to reduce their urine protein, and there are many other choices for patients to improve their condition. But CKD is dangerous, and patients should take measures actively to deal with their conditio. If you need any help, you can contact our online experts. We will do what we can to help you.

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