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Is There Other Alternative of Dialysis and Kidney Transplant for CKD

2013-09-04 15:49| Font Size A A A

It is known to all that kidney damage is harmful to our body. Severe kidney damage is even life-threatening. Patients with CKD are striving for the correct methods but still can not get rid of CKD. Dialysis and kidney transplant are the two commonly used method for CKD. But is there other alternative of dialysis and kidney transplant for CKD? Of course there is.

Dialysis acts as an artificial kidney and removes the accumulated waste products that build up in the body because of the nephron damage. It is necessary for patients with heavy swelling or high creatinine. But it is not a long-term policy for it may generate many side effects. The dialysis machine replace the kidney to work and the kidney will lose its ability over time. Besides, it will become a huge burden to patients for its high cost.

With CKD goes on worsening, kidney transplant will be needed. It is helpful with a successive kidney transplant for it will enable the new function to kidneys. But if you are not so lucky, you will wait for months even years to get a proper kidney.

Recently, an alternative of dialysis and kidney transplant---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy attracts more attention. It is a new Chinese therapy which aims at not alleviating the symptoms but to enhance kidney function. By osmosis device, the two bags of shattered herbs which directly effects on the lower back permeate into the damaged kidneys. Through this process, it can achieve such goals as blocking renal fibrosis, repairing the impaired renal lesions and rebuilding kidney function. It successfully avoid the side effects that dialysis and kidney transplant have. In addition, it is comfortable for patients because they just need to lie on the bed.

As an alternative of dialysis and kidney transplant, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is helpful for CKD and sustain a healthy life!

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