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High Creatinine Level treatment in CKD

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Creatinine is the metabolic product of muscles. Every 20g muscles can produce 1mg creatinine. Creatinine is filtrated mainly by glomerular and then discharged out of our body. Creatinine level is an important indicator of kidney function. High creatinine level is a symptom of CKD. When creatinine level is 442-707umol/L, CKD goes into the stage of kidney failure. If it continue rising, CKD will enter its severe stage. Therefore, high creatinine level treatment in CKD is important for protecting kidney function.

Causes of high creatinine level in CKD

Kidneys is a machine to remove the waste product and toxins from our body. When the normal nephron is damaged, renal interstitial fibrosis occurs and partial glomerular sclerosis attacks. Then the glomerular filtration function decreases. Consequently, the glomerular fails to filtrate the waste product and toxins well and the creatinine level rises.

High creatinine level treatment in CKD

Diet treatment: you are suggested to lower salt and protein intake, and eat food rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C.

Dialysis: when your creatinine level is high to 500umol/L, your doctor may recommend you do dialysis. Though it is effective in lowering high creatinine level, you may need a regular dialysis. Long-term dialysis may result in the waste even dead of kidney function. You need frequent dialysis with the declining of kidney function. The last choice for you is kidney transplant.

Lowering high creatinine level should focus on the underlying causes, not simply alleviate the symptom.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmatherapy: one of the advantages of Micro-Chinese medicine osmatherapy is that it can repair the impaired glomerular basement membrane and block kidney fibrosis effectively. By this means, it can rise glomerular filtration rate. The waste product and toxins will be well filtrated and remove from our body. High creatinine level is lowered naturally and not easy to go up again.

Patients with this method do not need to suffer as dialysis and kidney transplant do. Patients will feel relax and comfortable after taking this therapy, because it avoid the bitter taste of oral medicine and the pain of operation. This therapy has no side effect like other methods.

At present, this therapy is the highly advised by kidney experts for it is effective and safe. Only if the underlying causes are solved, the high creatinine level in CKD will be declined. You are welcomed to leave a message below or consult our online experts!

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