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Swelling in CKD and Treatment for Swelling

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As it is known to all, CKD is a general term of kidney disease with failed kidney function. There is no obvious sign at the very beginning. With the condition worsening, some symptoms appear, like swelling, proteinuria, anemia. This essay will explain swelling in CKD and treatment for swelling in detail.

There are two causes of swelling in kidney disease. The first is caused by the decrease of GFR(glomerular filtration rate). But the absorption ability of kidney tubules is normal, thus resulting in water-sodium retention. At this time the capillary permeability increases and the water stay in interstitial space. This is often seen in nephritis. The other cause of swelling in CKD is low plasma protein due to heavy proteinuria.

Swelling first starts in loose tissues like eyelid, face, ankles where is obvious in the morning. It can spread into lower limbs even the whole body with the condition deteriorates. It is pitting swelling in clinic, that is it pits when you press the certain part with your finger.

There are several things you can do to relieve this symptom. Avoiding salt with your diet because too much salt can cause water-sodium retention, which will increase swelling. Your doctor will prescribe some medicine like diuretic to relieve this condition. But the effective way is to treat from the basic causes. The new therapy Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. It can not only relieve swelling but also repair the damaged renal inherent cells. The core technology of this therapy is the herbal formula, which can permeate into your kidney lesions through the osmosis device. The whole process can be summarized as block, repair and rebuild. Once the glomerular basement membrane is repaired, the GFR will return to normal, and swelling will be reduced. This method is convenient because the patients only need to lay on the bed to cooperate with the doctor. After the process is finished, patients will feel relax and comfortable.

Swelling in CKD is not a tiny problems, if you do not control it at the early stage, you will surfer a lot of pain later. The treatment for CKD seems to be important. Only with the correct treatment, you can get rid of swelling completely and rise your kidney function. Welcome to consult the online expert or leave a message below!

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