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Is There Immunotherapy for Chronic Kidney Disease in India

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Q: I am a Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3 patients and I am from India. I read your immunotherapy. Can it reverse CKD stage 3? Can I find this therapy in India?

A: thanks for your message to us. Immunotherapy is a biotherapy which has been used to treat various complex diseases, such as HIV, cancer etc. Our Kidney Disease Hospital made years’ of research on immunotherapy and develops the specific immunotherapy for kidney disease.

Can immunotherapy reverse Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3?

Our research found that more than 95% of kidney diseases are associated with immune system disorder. In other words, immune problem is the root cause of kidney damage. Thereby, immunotherapy may help avoid the relapse of kidney disease and even reverse the kidney damage.

Immunotherapy helps rebuild the immune system and it uses the new healthy immune system to control the root cause of kidney damage. It can help reverse the mild and moderate damages on kidneys, which may help patients with CKD stage 1 ~ 3 to live a normal life in future.

However, as CKD stage 3 is more complex than stage 1~2, it is hard to say all CKD stage 3 cases can be cured by this therapy. Usually, if your kidney function is higher than 30% and have no severe complications, such as malignant high blood pressure, heart disease, liver problem etc, you can expect to get good effects from immunotherapy.

If you want to know the personalized answer based on your own medical condition, you are suggested to send your basic information and medical report to We are glad to give you an estimation result within 48 hours.

Can I find immunotherapy in India?

Immunotherapy can be found in different countries. However, the specific immunotherapy for kidney disease is our featured therapy, which only can be available in our hospital and our branches. Good news is that there are India hospitals will cooperate with us. You can leave the name of your local city to us and we are glad to check whether there are our friend hospitals near your city.

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