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Managements of Hypertension in CKD

2014-05-16 02:26| Font Size A A A

Managements of Hypertension in CKD Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common complication of CKD, and this article will illustrate how it happens and how to improve it.

Hypertension can happen in the following two cases:

Water-sodium retention

When kidneys suffer damage, they will fail to maintain a normal amount of water and salt in patients’ bodies. If too much water and sodium are held back, blood volume will increase and blood pressure goes up consequently.

Renin secretion

With progression of CKD, kidneys will suffer anoxia and ischemia, and kidney will secrete renin. This hormone will lead to blood vessels contract, so hypertension will occur.

You can lower your blood pressure with the following lifestyle changes:

1. Lose weight if you are overweight or obese.

2. Make physical activities part of everyday life, and build in enjoyable activities to leisure time every week.

3. Quit smoking.

4. Limit alcohol to a limited amount.

5. Take regular blood pressure tests.

6. Avoid staying up late.

Proper diet also can help CKD patients lower their blood pressure:

1. Reduce intake of salt and processed foods, which are high in sodium.

2. Take high-quality protein, and limit protein intake avoids straining kidney.

3. Starchy foods bread and brown rice are recommended to CKD patients.

4. Patients are suggested to eat more fruits and vegetables, while patients should be cautious of some kinds of them, which is high in potassium.

5. Select low-fat foods - avoid foods containing a lot of fat and sugar.

Timely treatments are very important for patients to delay the progression of CKD.

Effective treatments on this condition include: Blood Pollution Therapy, Immunotherapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, etc.

CKD patients can follow the above advice to control hypertension, if you have any problems in this process, you can contact our Online Doctor for help.

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