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How Bad Can Be Foaming Urine in A Diabetes Patient

2015-08-31 10:04| Font Size A A A

How Bad Can Be Foaming Urine in A Diabetes PatientQuite a number of diabetes patients do find they have some bubbles or foams in their urine. Sometimes, they will disappear after a while, while sometimes it means there is protein in urine. What on earth foam in urine occur? How bad can be foaming urine in a diabetic?

After finding out the causes of bubbles or protein urine, you can understand how bad is the condition for diabetics.

1. Causes of foaming urine for diabetics.

-Urge to urine or rapid urination

The type of foam usually disappears in a few minutes.

-UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

As bacteria enter the bladder and multiply, infectious symptoms occur such as burning with urination, frequency and urgency, foamy appearing urine and sometimes bloody looking urine.

-Glucose in urine

For diabetics, some glucose may leak into urine. Glucose in urine can cause your urine to become bubbly, but the bubble is usually in various sizes and lasts shortly, it is more likely to indicate glucose leakage.

-Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidneys are involved commonly in diabetes. If diabetes is uncontrolled effectively, high blood sugar is more likely to attack tiny kidney filters, called glomeruli, which is responsible for filtering blood and getting rid of waste substances. In this case, foamy urine may occur as a consequence of protein in urine that is an early sign of glomerulonephritis. This should attract your attention.

2. Through the above analysis, we can see there are many conditions can lead to foaming urine. Well then, how to prevent or deal with the conditions?

-Control blood sugar level

You can develop healthy Diet plan through consulting our Online Doctor or your dietitian. And you also should take some medications.

-Live a healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyles are very important to keep whole body health. Therefore, patients should keep away from smoking, alcohol, staying up, or over tired.

-Protect kidney function

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy are worth to try. To know more details, you can email to us at or leave a message below directly and we will do our best to help you.

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