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Digestive Disorders in CKD

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Digestive Disorders in CKDDigestive disorders usually occur in advanced CKD. It can largely worsen patients’ condition and lower patients’ life quality. The following contents may help patients to improve their condition.

The early symptoms of this condition include poor appetite and dyspepsia. In severe cases, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may occur. The following are two common reasons of digestive disorders:

Anabrosis in intestines and stomach

Urea is a kind of protein by-product, which will accumulate in patients’ bodies when kidneys fail to excrete these metabolic wastes. Some bacterias in intestinal tract can decompose them into ammonia, which can irritate gastrointestinal mucous membrane. This can cause inflammation, anabrosis and even bleeding in intestines and stomach.

For this condition, patients’ condition can get improved through the following steps:

1. Reduce the protein intake. Thus, it can reduce the urea from the source.

2. Remove the urea, patients can drink some diuretic teas to help them excrete these wastes, such as corn silk, stinging nettle and artichoke. Generally, these teas are kidney friendly, while patients should take them in right amount. If you want to know more about them, you can email us at

3. However, the complete solution for this symptom is to improve the kidney function, so that this waste can be eliminated by kidney.

Swelling in intestines and stomach

Swelling is a common symptom of CKD patients. When it occurs in intestines and stomach, patients will experience the above symptoms.

As to the second case, the following advice may help CKD patients.

1. Reduce the salt intake, which can aggravate swelling.

2. Some diuretics also work in this condition, as they can remove the excess fluid through urine.

3. As swelling is a consequence of massive protein loss, patients should take right amount of high-quality protein.

Similar to the first condition, improving kidney function is the only complete treatment. Immunotherapy and Blood Purification Therapy are all effective to restore kidney lesion and improve kidney function. If you are interested in these therapies, you can contact our Online Doctors for more information.

We believe you can ease your suffering from digestive disorders, if you follow the above advice. Best wishes!

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