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Dizziness Cause in End-Stage Renal Failure on Dialysis

2014-01-24 22:48| Font Size A A A

Many patients with end-stage renal failure are troubled by dizziness when they are on dialysis. What are the causes of dizziness in end-stage renal failure on Dialysis?

The kidney functions left in end-stage renal failure are less than 15%. Dialysis is used to sustain life in this stage. But dialysis will bring patients a lot of side-effects. This is why dialysis is not welcomed by many patients. Dizziness causes of dizziness are as follow:

Low-blood pressure. It is a common side-effects of dialysis. It happens when a lot of fluids are filtered at once. The sudden drop of fluids volume in blood vessel will cause low blood pressure. People may feel dizziness if troubled by low blood pressure.

Sleep problems. Many patients in renal failure have sleep problems due to various of causes. Some people is attacked by itchy skin, which will make them awake all the night. Muscle cramp is also a cause of sleep problems. Normally, patients with end-stage renal failure will bare heavy burden in mental. So they are more likely to get insomnia, which will cause dizziness.

Malnutrition. Patients with renal failure, especially the dialysis patients are easy to be attacked by malnutrition because of diet limits and low immunity.

These are the main causes of dizziness. Since you have known the causes, treatment must be applied to reduce damage. To well manage the water intake during dialysis intervals to prevent low blood pressure. Develop a healthy and scientific diet to prevent malnutrition. For detailed diet plan, you can ask the online doctor for help.

If you want to solve this problem completely, you are suggested to take treatment that can improve kidney function. The treatment should be natural and safe. If you have any interests, you can contact me by sending me email to for a reply about the treatment for dizziness in end-stage renal failure on dialysis.

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