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Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease and Anemia

2014-01-21 20:01| Font Size A A A

Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease and AnemiaIn stage 4 chronic kidney disease, many patients will develop anemia. How does anemia occur? How to treat anemia in stage 4 chronic kidney disease? We will talk about the questions in this article.

- Cause A. In stage 4, the kidney function is severely damaged. So the kidneys are not able to secret enough erythropoietin, or EPO for short. EPO is the hormone that can stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells, which will transport oxygen to the whole body. The lack of red blood cells will result in anemia.

- Solution A. To improve the damaged kidney function is the basic method to relieve anemia. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to you. This natural therapy is externally used and it can repair the damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function. For detailed information about this therapy, you can send an email to!

- Cause B. Many patients in stage 4 chronic kidney disease have strict diet limits, especially the proteins. Usually they are suggested to eat a low-protein foods. Foods that are rich in protein is the main source of iron, which can help make red blood cells.

- Solution B. You are suggested to plan your meal properly. Foods that are rich in iron can help relieve anemia. You can consult the online doctor for a personal diet.

- Cause C. In stage 4, kidneys are not able to filter the toxins in blood as well as they should. The accumulation of the toxins, such as creatinine will shorten the lifespan of red blood cells. This is also a cause of anemia.

- Solution C. To discharge the toxins in blood can help treat anemia. Some blood purification technologies are recommended, such as immune adsorption, plasma exchange, blood perfusion and so on. Though dialysis can also help discharge some toxins, it is not as good as these treatments, which can purify the blood completely. If you have questions, you can leave a message below.

The above introductions are the causes and treatments of anemia in stage 4 chronic kidney disease. I hope it can give you some help! Good luck!

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