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Bad Taste in Mouth with Kidney Disease

2013-12-07 21:47| Font Size A A A

Patients with kidney disease will suffer from many symptoms like nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, etc. Some patients may have bad taste in mouth, especially those with kidney failure. Why there is bad taste in mouth with kidney disease?

The causes of bad taste in mouth with kidney disease.

Kidneys are in charge of the filtering work. They functions to filter the waste products and toxins in the blood. When the filtration mechanism has problem, especially the glomerulus, the waste products and toxins will accumulate in blood. When one gets kidney failure, there will be more toxins in blood. So some symptoms are more obvious in patients with kidney failure. Bad taste in mouth is a consequence of the increasingly elevated urea level in blood.

How is urea associated with bad tastes in mouth?

The elevated urea in blood can be decomposed into ammonia when it enters into intestinal tract through blood vessels. The excessive ammonia will can be discharged through mouth. This is why there is bad taste in mouth.

Patients with kidney disease also have a high level of urea in saliva, which can also produce ammonia after degradation. This is the direct cause of bad taste in mouth.

The elevated urea can also be discharged from breath when it enters into pulmonary circulation.

Therefore, patients who have bad tastes in mouth with kidney disease should take less protein. Urea is the metabolic products of products. Too much protein will produce more urea, which will increase bad taste in mouth. Besides, you should also keep good oral hygiene. But this is not the best solution to this symptom. You can ask the online doctor for a better treatment or you can leave a message below, the kidney doctor will reply as soon as possible!

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