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Kidney Pain in Stage 5 Kidney Failure

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Kidney Pain in Stage 5 Kidney FailureStage 5 kidney failure is characterized by great loss of kidney function. About only 15-29% of kidney function remains. Because of kidney dysfunction, there will be many symptoms. Some patients are attacked by kidney pain in stage 5 kidney failure. So what are the causes of kidney pain in stage 5 kidney failure?

When you develope into stage 5 kidney failure, which is the advanced chronic kidney disease, there will be a lot of discomforts, like nausea, vomiting, cramps, anemia, skin itchy. While some patients may feel pain between the ribs and the lower back on both right and left side of the body. The pain may occur suddenly or occur now and then.

Here are the common causes of kidney pain.

Kidney infection.

Kidney infection is one of the common causes of kidney pain. When the staphylococcus enter into kidney, it will cause the formation of abscess. When several abscesses mix together to form large abscess, it will cause kidney pain.

There will be no symptoms in early infection. But in later stage, it will cause high fever, poor appetite and waist muscle tension. In clinic, the doctor will apply some antibiotics to you, such as penicillin, cephalosporin and carbenicillin.

Kidney stone.

kidney stone is also a main cause of kidney pain. When a kidney stone forms, it will be stuck in the ureter, causing blockage of ureter, which is the actual cause of kidney pain. In addition, the stone can also block the flow of urine, which can contribute to kidney pain.

Kidney infection and kidney stone are the two main causes of kidney pain. Besides this, there are other causes, like kidney bleeding, kidney cysts, kidney cancer. If you feel kidney pain in stage 5 kidney failure, you are suggested to go to a doctor immediately and find what is the exact cause of kidney pain. If you do not know what to do with this symptom, you can ask the online doctor or send an email to, the kidney doctor will offer you some effective treatments.

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