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Malnutrition with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

2013-11-15 15:44| Font Size A A A

Malnutrition is a major issue in patients with stage 4 chronic kidney disease. Malnutrition is a condition that someone is lacking some nutritions like protein, calories, glucose, vitamin and amino acid and so on. So what are the causes of malnutrition with stage 4 chronic kidney disease?

There are some causes of malnutrition with stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

a. The toxins accumulation.

The kidney function in stage 4 chronic kidney disease is severely lost. One of the important functions---discharging the toxins in the blood cannot be completed. So the toxins will accumulate in the body. When it accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract, it will cause a series of discomforts like nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, etc. In addition, it will prevent the absorption of the nutritions, causing malnutrition.

b. Dialysis.

Because the kidneys fail to discharging waste products and toxins, dialysis is used for patients with stage 4 chronic kidney disease to help kidneys do this job. But when dialysis discharging the waste products and toxins, it will take away some protein and amino acid. The loss of protein and amino acid will lead to malnutrition.

According to the statistics, 5-15g protein and 1.2-1.4g amino acid will lose in peritoneal dialysis. If you are companied by peritonitis, 50% or even 100% of protein will lose. If you are on hemodialysis, you will lose 10-13g amino acid once.

c. Acidosis.

Acidosis is one of the common complications of chronic kidney disease. It will cause malnutrition by inhibiting protein biosynthesis and promoting the decomposition of protein and amino acid.

d. Inflammation reaction.

When some virus and bacteria intrude kidneys, they will deposit in kidneys, causing inflammation reaction. The inflammatory factors on the kidney lesions can lower the biosynthesis of protein and cause malnutrition.

e. Endocrine disorder.

Endocrine disorder will also affect the biosynthesis and metabolism of protein and glucose, which is a risk of malnutrition.

Therefore, if you have malnutrition with stage 4 chronic kidney disease, you are suggested to consult your doctor for a best diet to supply some nutritions that you are lost. Or you can ask the online doctor for a proper diet, and it is for free.

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