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Dry Skin and End Stage Kidney Disease

2013-11-10 16:47| Font Size A A A

Dry Skin and End Stage Kidney DiseaseMost patients with end stage kidney disease experience dry skin. Dry skin is a common condition of patients with end stage kidney disease. Dry skin is also a cause of itchy skin. So what are the causes of dry skin? How to alleviate this condition?

Three main causes of dry skin with end stage kidney disease.

a. The kidney function of end stage kidney disease is severely damaged. As a consequence, the waste products and toxins in the blood are increased. Because of the high level of toxins in blood, the plasma osmotic pressure increases and the fluids under the skin will transfer to the blood vessel, causing dehydration, which will lead to dry skin.

b. Dialysis is also relate to dry skin. Dialysis aims at discharging the waste product and toxins as well as excessive fluids. Dehydration in a short term will cause dry skin.

c. When one develops end stage kidney failure, the ability to secret oils and fats is decreased. Thus the skin cannot keep the fluids, which will lead to dry skin.

Treatment for dry skin with end stage kidney disease.

A. Take warm water bath or wipe the skin with warm water everyday.

B. Choose the soaps carefully and make sure the soaps contains no harsh perfumes and chemicals.

C. Medicated bath is suggested. It cannot only alleviate the dry skin but also can treat kidney disease. The waste product and toxins can be discharged through skin with the effect of the herbs that are added to the bath fluids. At the same time, the skin can absorb some nutrient substances and they can be brought to kidney through blood circulation. So it can help treat the kidney disease.

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