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Three Common Causes of Proteinuria Relapse

2019-03-29 10:57| Font Size A A A

Three Common Causes of Proteinuria RelapseChronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is difficult to treat, mainly because urinary protein is difficult to alleviate for some kidney patients, and even it gets relieved, it relapses frequently. Here we list three common causes of proteinuria relapse.

There are many causes of urinary protein recurrence, the most important of which are the following three types:

1. Infections or catching a cold

Colds are usually upper respiratory tract infections and are the first cause of urinary protein recurrence. In addition to respiratory tract infections, the common infections in kidney patients are digestive tract infections and urinary tract infections.

To prevent cold, we can regulate immunity by Artificial Cordyceps preparation (such as Jinshuibao or Zhiling capsule) and Yupingfeng; and use integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medicine to reduce the use time and dosage of steroids and immunosuppressive agents; in addition, annual immunization of kidney patients with cold vaccine can effectively prevent cold.

2. Sudden withdrawal of drugs

Some patients worry about the side effects of drugs, or feel no need to take drugs after their condition gets improved, so they stop taking drugs without authorization. As a result, the urinary protein that dropped down easily relapses again.

Especially glucocorticoid drugs, due to the reduction of hormones secreted by the body after medication, if the reduction is too fast or drugs are stopped suddenly, hormones in the body are insufficient, often leading to the recurrence of kidney disease.

3. Improper diet

Rich food and overeating are the main causes of urinary protein recurrence.

In fact, the dietary requirements of patients with normal kidney function are very simple. There are only three items: avoiding high-salt, high-fat food and taking appropriate amount of meat. (In addition to these three items, patients with renal failure need a low-phosphorus, and low-potassium diet)

When your proteinuria comes back, what treatment can you take?

Besides conventional steroids and immunosuppressants, you can try systemic Chinese medicine treatment, such as Toxin-Removing Treatment. It can help make internal environment good for kidney self-healing and other medication application. When kidney condition gets improved, protein will be retained in the body, and proteinuria will turn to negative. Generally speaking, after about one month’s treatment, you will see the great improvement.

Now you know the three common causes of proteinuria relapse. Hope you pay attention to them in the daily. For more information on proteinuria treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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