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Five Factors that Cause Urinary Protein to Go up Suddenly

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Five Factors that Cause Urinary Protein to Go up Suddenly

For some kidney patients, their medical condition is not serious, and their proteinuria has been -, +- or 1+. But one day their proteinuria goes up suddenly to 2+ or 3+. What is going on here? There are five factors that cause sudden increase.

1. Catching a cold

Most kidney patients have a weak immunity, and the immunity becomes weaker especially when they are taking medications such as steroids and immunosuppressants, like prednisone and cellcept. Because those medications are to take effect by suppressing immune system. As a result, your immunity is not strong enough to resist the invading bacteria and virus, leading to infections easily.

Doing exercises regularly, and getting annual flu shot, and taking some immune-boosting drugs can help you boost your immunity.

2. Fatigue and staying up

It is common to see increased urine protein caused by fatigue. Some is due to hard work, some is due to bad lifestyle, some is due to travel, etc.

When you feel tired, you should have a good rest, and you had better find an easy work. Do not overwork and stay up.

3. Overeating

For some patients, they pay much attention to their diet, while some not. Diet plays a very important role in stabilizing illness condition. If you eat too much, for example, following a high protein diet and a high salt diet, your kidneys have to work hard to eliminate metabolic wastes from body, which can add insult to injury.

The kidney-friendly diet principles include low salt, low fat, and low amount of high-quality protein, etc.

4. Pseudo rise of proteinuria

There are many factors that affect routine urination: contamination of specimens, urine concentration in the morning, high protein diets, and so on. The quality of urine protein shown by routine urine test is sometimes inaccurate and should be subject to the quantitative determination of urine protein.

5. Change of illness condition

Some of chronic kidney disease have active period, which can aggravate illness and make proteinuria increase. Some kidney diseases can change after two or three years and may become worse. This requires timely medical treatment and drug adjustment.

Urinary protein does not cause acute renal failure, but can lead to chronic renal failure that is worse than acute renal failure over time. Preventing urine protein elevation requires the control of many small details in life that may determine your life in the future. For more information on proteinuria treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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