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To Reduce Proteinuria, You Need to Know 4 Aspects

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To Reduce Proteinuria, You Need to Know 4 Aspects
At present, there is no "specific drug" for the treatment of proteinuria. More patients are pursuing single medical treatment, and more hormones and immunosuppressive agents are used to eliminate renal inflammation and achieve the purpose of lowering proteinuria. But for some steroid-resistant patients or steroid-dependant patients, once they stop medicine, the disease gets relapse.

But in fact, the treatment of anti-proteinuria is only one aspect. In order to maintain the stability of the protein for a long time without recurrence, it is far from enough to stick to the drug, and the four aspects affecting proteinuria should be controlled comprehensively.

As to the drugs

You should take them for long-term and do checkups regularly, which can help you achieve a better effect.

There are immunosuppressive drugs, as we mentioned above, and there are also some antihypertensive drugs such as ACEI and ARBs, lipid-lowering drugs such as statins that also have a hypoalbuminous effect. When taking these drugs, in order to play a greater role in drug use, kidney patients should insist on taking them, maintain long-term drug concentration, and continuously inhibit inflammation, which can greatly reduce the recurrence rate of proteinuria; and attention should be paid to monitoring drug level and treatment effect. Regular monitoring of the drug effect is also to test the level of proteinuria. If the effect is not good, the treatment can be adjusted in time to avoid the occurrence of renal failure caused by the aggravation of proteinuria.

As to the diet

“Two low” principle is the basis, which can help reduce the burden of kidneys.

What should a patient with massive proteinuria eat? Two low principle is the basis, that is, low salt diet and low amount of high quality protein diet. A large number of proteinuria can cause low albumin in body so that excess water in the body can not be absorbed, resulting in edema. For patients with early stage kidney disease, edema and proteinuria often occurs at the same time. In such a case, kidney patients should limit salt intake to avoid the aggravation of edema, meanwhile avoiding increased renal metabolic burden.

A large amount of proteinuria is also accompanied by hypoalbuminemia, resulting in loss of nutrition for the patient. At this time, more high-quality protein that can be absorbed more easily should be supplemented, such as milk, meat, soy products, eggs and other foods. But do not eat without restriction. Under normal circumstance, protein intake is 1g/kg per day. In other conditions, its intake is 0.8g/kg per day, and do not exceed 1.5g.

As to infections

Recurrent infection is a common cause of recurrent nephropathy. The kidney itself has inflammation, and once an infection occurs, it can lead to an active immune inflammatory response in the kidney, and the symptoms that are hard to suppress will flare up. Among them, proteinuria is a sensitive index, and the infection leads to a decrease in the potency of hormones and a high recurrence rate of proteinuria. To prevent infection,renal patients should do three things: 1. To pay attention to personal hygiene; 2. To pay attention to protect against cold and avoid the flu; 3. to take drugs or vaccine to prevent flu.

As to life

Kidney disease is a complex disease, and each of symptoms is related and interrelated. To control albuminuria stability, other index also should be taken seriously. The direct effect on proteinuria is weight and blood pressure control. Overweight or obesity can affect the glomerular filtration rate, aggravating protein leakage. Renal ischemia and hypoxia caused by high blood pressure, and electrolyte balance disorder are both not conducive to the stability of proteinuria. Therefore, kidney patients should pay attention to the control of them.

Now you know the 4 aspects to reduce proteinuria. For more information on associated treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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