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Proteinuria Is Refractory? It May Due to the Following 4 Points

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Proteinuria Is Refractory? It May Due to the Following 4 Points
Are you suffering from refractory proteinuria? Do you want to turn it negative? Though currently there are a lot of solutions for proteinuria, but it can still not be well controlled.

Do you know why? How to handle different conditions?

1. There are individual differences in response to steroid treatment.

For some types of Nephrotic Syndromes, such as minimal change disease and stage 1 and stage 2 of Membranous Nephropathy, steroid treatment usually has good effects. While for some Nephrotic Syndromes, such as FSGS, IgA Nephropathy, membranous proliferative nephritis and lupus nephritis, steroids may be less effective.

For proteinuria caused by primary glomerulonephritis such as minimal change disease, membranous Nephropathy and IgA Nephropathy, and autoimmune disease such as Purpura Nephritis, Lupus Nephritis and systemic small vasculitides, it is generally to use steroids, meanwhile with immunosuppressants and Chinese medicine together.

2. The pathological type of kidney disease has poor prognosis.

Some rare kidney diseases, such as renal amyloidosis and renal damage from multiple myeloma, are generally poorly treated. While there are no particularly effective or better treatments available today, it's best to try individualized treatments, such as immunosuppressants or combined TCM treatments.

3. Chronic kidney disease caused by systemic disease

For example, in the early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy, only minor or small amount of proteinuria can be performed, and a good effect of reducing proteinuria can be achieved through the early use of ACEI or ARBs and the control of blood glucose. Once entering the middle and late stage, a large amount of urinary protein can be found, in addition to the use of tripterygium glycoside tablets, huangkui capsules, and ACEI or ARBs, traditional Chinese medicine can be used together.

For kidney damage caused by systemic diseases such as diabetic nephropathy, gout nephropathy, hypertension kidney damage, lipoprotein nephropathy and obesity-related nephropathy, basic treatment is indispensable, namely, active control of blood pressure, blood glucose, blood lipid and uric acid, etc.

4. Extrarenal causes of decreased urinary protein

If kidney patients also have extrarenal diseases, such as hypertension, acute and chronic respiratory tract infection, acute and chronic urinary tract infection, biliary tract infection, etc., or indiscriminate use of drugs, all of them may affect the therapeutic effect of urinary protein.

In addition, kidney patients with proteinuria can all take ACEI or ARBs. Besides reducing blood pressure, they still can drop albumin and protect kidney. However, the dosage is higher than the conventional blood pressure lowering dosage.

Now you find out the four causes of refractory proteinuria. For more information on CKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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