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To Reduce Proteinuria, You Cannot Rely on Drugs Only

2018-04-26 16:51| Font Size A A A

Urinary protein is an important early indicator of kidney disease. It can reflect renal condition. For some renal patients, in the early examination, it was found that this indicator was abnormal, and further examination revealed kidney disease so that they took treatment timely to control the disease well.

Proteinuria is also an indicator that throughout the whole process of kidney disease, which is a risk factor for kidney function. Therefore, to reduce proteinuria is the key to avoiding the progression of kidney disease.
To Reduce Proteinuria, You Cannot Rely on Drugs Only

I have treated a renal patient before. He found that there was 3+ protein in urine in a checkup once in a while. Later he went to hospital for detailed examinations. Lab report showed that proteinuria was 3+, occult blood was 2+ and blood pressure was 140/95, 24h urine protein was 2.63g, and his creatinine was just beyond the normal range. Doctor prescribed him antihypertensives and medications to reduce proteinuria, and told him for reexamination every 3 months, to measure blood pressure three times every day, and follow a low salt and low protein diet. Days ago, he came here for checkups. His occult blood has turned negative, proteinuria was 1+, 24h urine protein was 0.39g, blood pressure was normal, and creatinine level was kept at 100. When seeing such a good result, some renal patients felt very happy and asked the ways to improve their medical condition.

Why his proteinuria decreases so quickly? Mainly because he has done “2 Restrictions and 1 Control”.
To Reduce Proteinuria, You Cannot Rely on Drugs Only

1. To restrict salt intake

Limiting salt intake is very important for patients with high blood pressure and proteinuria. We have known that sodium affects blood pressure, then does salt reduction help reduce proteinuria?

For such patients, we usually use antihypertensives which can reduce proteinuria, such as ACEI or ARBs. If too much salt is taken, it can counteract the effect of medications so as to affect the expected effect to reduce proteinuria and blood pressure. It is also not good for you to protect renal function. What is worse, all medications you take may be wasted. Under normal circumstance, salt intake should be no more than 5g per day.
To Reduce Proteinuria, You Cannot Rely on Drugs Only

2. To restrict protein intake

Some people may think that massive protein goes out of body, so they need to supplement protein to avoid malnutrition. Actually when proteinuria exists, common diet can satisfy the need of body. It is unnecessary to supplement protein. Because when kidney function is impaired, GFR decreases. If you eat too much protein, more protein will go out of body, which can add insult to injury. Protein intake should be controlled into 0.8g/per day. Besides, high quality protein is recommended, such as meat, egg white, milk, etc.
To Reduce Proteinuria, You Cannot Rely on Drugs Only

3. To control weight into normal range

In kidney patients especially those with Diabetic Nephropathy, weight control can help reduce the burden of renal metabolism and maintain the stability of proteinuria. Weight can affect the patients’ need in calories, protein, water and so on. If you are overweight, it does not only increase the burden of kidneys, but also requires you consume more food to satisfy the need of body to nutrients and calories so as to produce more wastes.

For those who are overweight, be sure to find a way to lose weight. According to BIM formula, body mass index= weight(kg)/(height*height(m)).

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