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How Much Protein Should You Reduce in Urine to Avoid Uremia

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How Much Protein Should You Reduce in Urine to Avoid Uremia
For kidney patients, many factors can affect the decline rate of kidney function, but urine protein is the problem that almost all kidney patients suffer from. Clinical researches also show that long-term massive proteinuria may speed up the decline rate of GFR. Therefore, all kidney patients should control their proteinuria well. How much protein should you reduce in urine to avoid uremia? Now go on reading to learn more information.

It is better to turn proteinuria negative, but different kidney diseases have different pathogenic sites, and different degree of kidney damage. Thereby not all kidney patients can turn proteinuria negative. If you increase the dosage of medicine to reduce proteinuria, it may make the condition worse.

If you are with the following diseases, proteinuria can be reduced to negative.

-Minimal change disease

-Membranous Nephropathy stage 1

-Slight mesangial hyperplasia nephropathy

-Purpura Nephritis

It is possible for you to control urine protein to lower than 0.15g with proper treatment.

If you are with the following diseases, proteinuria should be kept into 0.5g.

The long-term assessment of kidney disease shows that 0.5g proteinuria hardly cases kidney function impairment.

-Moderate mesangial hyperplasia nephropathy

Proteinuria should be kept into 1g.

-Severe hyperplasia nephropathy

-IgA Nephropathy


Because their pathological types are not very good. If you can control urine protein into 1g, the influence on kidney function will be reduced greatly.

Proteinuria should be kept into 3.5g.

-Membranous Nephropathy

-Membranous proliferative Nephropathy

Besides proteinuria, you should attach importance to their complications. For Membranous Nephropathy, thrombus is the most common complication. For Membranous proliferative Nephropathy, it has the most complications and the worst prognosis.

Proteinuria management is not that important.

-Diabetic Nephropathy

-Lupus Nephritis

With the above diseases, proteinuria management is not that important. What you should do is to control the root causes, namely diabetes and lupus so as to prevent further kidney damage.

How much protein should you reduce in urine to avoid uremia? Now you get the answer. Which kind of kidney disease do you have? If you are not satisfied with your current treatment, you can try Chinese medicine. For more information on kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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