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The Causes of Proteinuria in CKD Stage 4

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Causes of Proteinuria, CKD Stage 4Are you still in torment for refractory protracted CKD Stage 4 with proteinuria that can find no way out? Have you tried various methods but all the efforts are temporary? In fact, all the treatments based on symptoms will finally turn out to be useless, only by treating the Causes of Proteinuria can we ease the symptom timely and effectively.

CKD stage 4, which signifies that patients in this period have advanced kidney damage with a severe decrease in glomerular filtration rate to 15~29 ml/min. With its long-term disease course, renal function rapidly declines which causes greater injuries to kidneys in return and a number of symptoms appear such as edema, hematuria and hypertension, etc. Because of its high mortality and morbidity, conditions of patients without well control will worsen and finally develop into end stage renal failure. (How to control CKD effectively? Please send your message to

For most patients, the appearance of proteinuria begins with foamy urine in their early stages. Normally, glomerular capillary which is like a colander, has good permeability for water and electrolyte but intercepts substances which are bigger than the molecular weight of albumin. Although a small amount of proteins may get through glomerulus, most of them will sooner be absorbed by kidney tubules and only about 150mg can be removed out every day.

However, the permeability change of glomerular basement membrane is one of the causes of proteinuria in CKD stage 4. Glomerular filtration membrane, which includes epithelial cell, basilar membrane and endothelial cell has barrier functions which can selectively filter micromolecular substances with positive charge by mechanical barrier and charge barier. Once it is damaged, a mass of protein will be eliminated from glomerulus. Another cause of proteinuria in CKD stage 4 is renal tubular damage. As the result of excess protein overflow, kidney tubules are too overloaded to reabsorb, thus causing renal tubules damage and exacerbate proteinuria in reverse.

Besides, other factors can also influence extent of proteinuria, for instance, GFR, the density of plasma protein and protein intake.

It is a problem to throughly control proteinuria by simply easing symptoms. Nevertheless, we can treat the causes of proteinuria in CKD stage 4 fundamentally by using Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you want to know more about the detailed treatment, please leave a message or talk to our online service for free.

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