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How to Lower Proteinuria and Stabilize Kidney Function

2017-07-25 09:05| Font Size A A A

Lower Proteinuria and Stabilize Kidney Function

We all know that proteinuria is an important factor that worsens kidney function, thereby during the treatment, we should focus on reducing proteinuria and stabilize kidney function. In the following, let’s have a look at how to reduce proteinuria from treatment and daily life.

1. Treatment

Different kidney patients have different medical condition, so their treatments vary from one to another. The below medications are just for reference. You should use them under the direction of your doctor.


Though they are anti-hypertensive medicines, they can also help reduce proteinuria and protect kidney function. That is why even though your blood pres

sure is not that high, 

your doctor still prescribes such a kind of medication.


Steroids can inhibit kidney inflammation and reduce proteinuria, but not every kidney patient needs them. You should take them according to your medical condition.


When your condition is very urgent or severe, immunosuppressants may be used.

-Other medications

For IgA Nephropathy patients, fish oil can also help reduce urine protein. And you can also try Chinese medicine, which can repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. Once you regain your kidney function, protein will be retained in body, and then your proteinuria will decrease and become negative.

2. Daily life

-To reduce salt intake

It can help you decrease urine protein obviously. When your medical treatment is not that effective, please check whether you follow a low salt diet strictly or not.

-To stabilize blood pressure

A well controlled blood pressure is the precondition of reducing proteinuria. In the daily, you should measure your blood pressure regularly to see whether it is stable.

-To prevent catching a cold

When you catch a cold, your urine protein will be worsened, and your kidney disease will come back. Therefore, it is reminded to prevent catching a cold.

How to reduce proteinuria and stabilize kidney function? Now you have a clear mind. For more information on kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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